A world of comfort, warmth and serenity, A place of luxury, beauty and reverie, A House built not just with walls and beams but a Home built with love and dreams. Open your eyes for a new healthy and ecological living…




“La Cabane Lebanon” brings your wishes to life, Giving you a place to call home, And the cottage you always wanted. Whether it’s a holiday cottage, a garden house, or a recreation room.

“La Cabane Lebanon” can provide you with the best original wooden houses for all your needs.

“La Cabane Lebanon” is the first company in Lebanon to import prefabricated wooden houses of European origin since 2006.

After testing, specifications, and investigations, we are the sole and official supplier of the European Union (EU) in Lebanon for the project ENPI/2007/18-882/1/07/09.

“La Cabane Lebanon” is as well the only official supplier of the Federation of Municipalities of the High Chouf (FMHC) for the development of eco-tourism in High Chouf. (Project issue no. 30/10/02/2010 / Wooden cabins @: Maaser el Chouf, Baabdaran & Khreibe)

We have received the certificate of “Good Execution” and “Final Delivery and Acceptance” (Taking-over) by IMG (International Management Group), the supervision of the company “Rafik El Khoury Partners” and the “Office of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) for the construction project of 20 ecolodges in High Chouf.

With “La Cabane Lebanon”, wood has never been used better!